Kushida Shrine Shuki Reitaisai (Hiwatari Shinji)


Imizu City, Toyama Pref.

Over 1000 Years Caution ! All Day Join Kansai

About the festival

The "Kushida Shrine Shuki Reitaisai" (Hiwatari Shinji) is a grand autumn festival held at Kushida Shrine, which is said to have continued for over a dozen centuries. Lions and Mikoshi floats parade the local districts first, in order to attract and collect the impurities, and then head back to the shrine. Next, a sacred "divine fire" is prepared. You will surely be moved by the sight of priests and shrine parishioners dash through this blazing "divine fire."

Since the olden days, there has been a belief in Japan of purifying evil and misfortunes by the power of divine fire. This ritual of Hiwatari Shinji carries the wishes of burning out the wickedness that we unknowingly contracted, in order to regain peace. The viewers of the festival too, must surely be purified by the heat of the fire.

098 Reh Hiwatari Shinji

Things to do

1. Run through the flames while praying for family safety!

098 Re1 1 Hiwatari Shinji
098 Re1 2 Hiwatari Shinji

"Hiwatari Shinji" (fire passing ritual) is the festival's highlight. Contact below for details (English available).
Contact: Kushida Shrine Main Office

Information (基本情報)

  • Festival Dates Held on September 10th, 2019
    *Held annually on September 10th regardless of the day.
  • Place Kushida Shrine
    Address: 6841 Kushida, Imizu City, Toyama Pref.
  • General Participation Upon prior contact.
    Contact: Kushida Shrine Main Office
  • Restrooms Available
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  • Contact Kushida Shrine Main Office

Rules & Manners(参加のルール&マナー)

Please follow the instructions of priests while viewing the festival.
Please do not block the way during the Hiwatari, and watch from a safe place.

Access Map (アクセスと地図)

Access to Kushida, Imizu City, Toyama Pref.

[nearest station]
Etchu-Daimon Station, Ainokaze Toyama Railway Line
*Catch a taxi from the station to the festival location

Festival location
Kushida Shrine
Address: 6841 Kushida, Imizu City, Toyama Pref.

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