Welcome to the Matsuris of Japan

Out of all the traditional cultures that have originated in Japan, there is one most tangible cultural experience of power and beauty—that is the "Matsuri".

We believe the Matsuris of Japan to be World-class cultural assets of local communities.
Through visiting local regions and getting to know the culture first-hand, Matsuris are sure to provide a chance for overseas tourists to further their enjoyment of Japan.
And as a tool to help enjoy the country in a comfortable and smooth fashion, we have created the convinient OH! MATSURi calender (ohmatsuri.com) which allows visitors to search local festivals by date and location.

It is our hope, that through the Japanese cultural experience that is the "Matsuri", the world can see the development of exchange between Japanese locals and other global citizens. 

Tomohiko Suzuki
Excutive Producer
Inbound x Local govs x Business x OH! MATSURi x Suzuki = ∞ possibility

Yasushi Kurita
Loves to enjoy drinking all kinds of sake and he knows places to go!

Ryosuke Komori

Respect Matsuri all over the world.

Sumi Mikoshiba
Born in Nagano. Always serious (and loving) about "enjoy eating".

Emiko Izawa
Born in Shizuoka. I love Sushi, Sake, Shrine, Stationary and Stage!

Yuki Kishimoto
Born in Ishikawa. Planner & editor. Loves tofu, sake & soccer.

Yusuke Isobe
Born in Kanagawa. I’m a man: discouraged!? Yeah, I go run a riverbank.

Misato Soares Hirata
Born in Tokyo. Always searching something that I don't know yet.

Kazumi Terai
Public Relations/Writer
Born in Gunma. Web creator. Loves clime-suspense dramas of overseas.

Makoto Terauchi
Born in Hyogo. My morning routing is reading MANAGA 30 min.

Tsunaki Koike
Grew-up in the country side. Loving Karaoke, Marathon & Eating.

Yoko Daimon
seeking old local traditional culture and food as my lifetime’s work.

Toshiki Nakamura
Loving Japanese anime and video games who grow up with Otaku culture.

OH!MATSURi Editing Team