Narita Gion Festival


Narita City, Chiba Pref.

Over 100 Years Afternoon See Kanto

About the festival

Narita Gion Festival began when the people of the town started celebrating along with Naritasan Shinsho-ji temple's Narita Gion-e event. It is a 300 year long festival featuring 10 moving floats in action.Signaling the beginning of summer, many tourists visit Narita every year. The local people, known to start preparing for the next festival from the day it finishes, are matsuri-crazy. With the So-odori and So-hiki as main centerpieces, the entire town of Narita turns festival color as festive chants and calls ring out. Enjoy the historic festival along with the classic townscape beautiful old scenery still remains. 


Things to do

1. Enjoy the bold and powerful "So-odori"!


You can enjoy the fine yet powerfully bold dance performances during "So-odori", one of the highlights of the festival. Floats from the various districts gather as youths begin to dance ecstatically. It is truly a vigorous sight, seeing the dancers move to the bouncy rhythms of the festival chant. Feel the striking vibrancy with your own body, for the So-odori happens everyday during the 3-day festival period!

2. Enjoy the powerful floats and the fancy Tekomai!


On the last day, the floats zoom around on the main walkway of Naritasan temple. Floats pulled by men whiz through regardless of how narrow the road may be. You cannot miss the Tekomai that lead the floats either. Local elementary school students wearing fancy costumes ring their bells as they cruise through town together with the floats. Enjoy the gorgeous floats and the pretty Tekomai!

3. Experience the mystic atmosphere, different from the daytime


The floats are lit-up during the night, bringing out a different flavor from that of the daytime. While pulled individually during the day, they all are gathered together near the main walkway of the shrine as many viewers huddle around.
Enjoy the festive atmosphere in the cool summer breeze.

Information (基本情報)

  • Festival Dates July 5th (Fri) through 7th (Sun)
    Held annually on three days nearest to the 7th, 8th, and the 9th, heading into weekend.
  • Place Naritasan's main walkway area and at Naritasan Shinsho-ji temple
  • General Participation Viewing from roadside only
  • International Reception and Info. There are English descriptions on the Japanese pamphlet
    English-only information available at tourist information center
  • Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi available at Naritasan main walkway
  • Restrooms Available near festival areas
  • Other useful Info. None
  • HP

  • Contact Narita Gion Festival Execution Committee

Rules & Manners(参加のルール&マナー)

Please do not litter
Floats are pulled through narrow roads. Please watch from a safe area and do not get hurt.

Access Map (アクセスと地図)

Access to Narita City

[nearest station]
JR Narita Station, Keisei Narita Station

Festival location
Address: Narita 1, Narita City (Shinsho-ji temple)
10 min walk from JR Narita Station, Keisei Narita Station
(JR Narita Station and Keisei Narita Station are both very close together. It takes 10 min to walk to Naritasan Shinsho-ji temple, but the festival floats are present from right outside the station. 

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