Okuma Kabuto Matsuri


Nanao City, Ishikawa Pref.

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About the festival

The Okuma Kabuto Matsuri is the grand festival of Kumakabuto Arakashihiko Shrine (also known as the Kumakabuto Shrine). The festival is held to thank and celebrate the year's rich harvest. 
The long-nosed and red faced "Sarutahiko" deity leads the Mikoshi procession formed by 19 local shrines. The parade is met by an array of massive crimson flags measuring up to 20m in height before entering Kumakabuto Shrine (main shrine) through the sounds of loud chanting accompanied by Taiko drums and bells. When the parade enters the front shrine, young men loudly bang on the drums and bells, to which Sarutahiko dances ecstatically, entering into a state of trance.  
The procession then relocates to Kamowara, about 700m away from the shrine, with the main shrine's Mikoshi float leading the way. There, the excitement level of the festival reaches a climax as massive flags are boldly tilted almost to the ground in the skillful "Shimada-kuzushi".

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Things to do

1. Witness the Mikoshi and people gathering from 19 shrines

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It is an impressive sight to see Mikoshi floats and participants from the town's 19 shrines, lined up in a formation as they enter into Kumakabuto Shrine. Please experience the utterly unique atmosphere while witnessing Sarutahiko dance ecstatically to individual chants, drums and bells that differ in rhythm from village to village. 

2. The thrilling "Shimada-kuzushi" is a must see

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The highlight of the festival is the "Shimada-kuzushi" held on the field in Kamowara. Dozens of massive 20m tall crimson flags gather in one area, with green mountains in the background. It is such a thrilling sight to see the flags then test each other's skills in tilting them almost to the ground! In the old days, people used to say that no one would send their daughter to marry anybody from a village that couldn't skillfully tilt the flag in the "Shimada-kuzushi." As you can tell, this is a serious competition involving a great deal of pride.

3. Don't miss Sarutahiko's light-footed dance too!

087 Re3 1 Okuma Kabuto Matsuri
087 Re3 2 Okuma Kabuto Matsuri

Check out the dance performed by the ancient Japanese deity Sarutahiko who plays an important role as the lead of this festival. You cannot miss the sight of this long-nosed, red faced and oddly looking god dance ecstatically to the sounds of drums and bells.

Information (基本情報)

  • Festival Dates Held on September 20th (Fri), 2019.
    *Held each year on September 20th regardless of the day of the week. The event may be cancelled due to severely poor weather, in which case the festival will not be rescheduled.
  • Place Kumakabuto Shrine
    Address: Nakajima-machi Miyanomae, Nanao City, Ishikawa Pref.
  • General Participation Unavailable
  • International Reception and Info. Unavailable
  • Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi available inside Fujisaki Hachimangu Shrine
  • Restrooms Available
  • HP


  • Contact 0767-53-8424

Rules & Manners(参加のルール&マナー)

Massive flags can be dangerous. Do not get too close.

Access Map (アクセスと地図)

Access to Nakajima-machi, Nanao City, Ishikawa Pref.

[nearest station]
Noto-Nakajima Station (Noto Railway, Nanao Line)
*A shuttle bus connects the station and the festival location.

[By plane]
Ride the "Furusato Taxi" from Noto Airport (Noto Satoyama Airport) to Nakajima-machi town. 
*You will need a reservation to ride the Furusato Taxi.

Festival Location
Kumakabuto Shrine
Address: Nakajima-machi Miyanomae, Nanao City, Ishikawa Pref.

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