Yobuko Otsunahiki


Karatsu City, Saga Pref.

Over 400 Years Afternoon Join Kyushu

About the festival

The festival traditionally began when Toyotomi Hideyoshi who conquered Japan made his army men pull the marine boats with ropes to boost soldiers' morale. 
The festival is held spanning two days; kids' tug-of-war on the first Saturday of July, and the adults' on the following Sunday.
The town's residents split into hill-team and the beach-team, pulling at a 15cm thick and 20m long rope at the cue given by a gong and a flaming arrow. It is said that if the hill-team wins there will be good harvest, and if the beach-team wins there will be a good catch of fish.


Things to do

1. The gigantic "mito" is a must see!


At the middle of the long rope is a big oval "mito" (the center piece of hunting net) made with straw wrapped in straw bags and then tied up using rope. From early in the morning on the first day the townsmen craft this large mito. The battle to pull the mito to win is a thrilling show to watch.

2. Enjoy the many different happi!


Young men known as wakashu pull the rope, wearing happi representing the areas they live. It's fun to look at the different designs from each area. 

Information (基本情報)

  • Festival Dates June 1st (Sat) & 2nd (Sun), 2019
    Held annually on the first Saturday of June, and the Sunday the day after
  • Place June 4th (Sat), 2016 In front of Karatsu City Office Yobuko Residents Center
    5th (Sun), In front of Sanjinja shrine, Yobuko town, Karatsu City
  • General Participation Available
  • International Reception and Info. Not available
  • Restrooms Available
  • Other useful Info. No changing rooms available
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  • Contact Yobuko Otsunahiki Promotion Committee

Rules & Manners(参加のルール&マナー)

It may get dangerous near the middle of the rope (mito). Please watch from a distance.

Access Map (アクセスと地図)

Accessing Karatsu City

[nearest station]
Karatsu Station (JR Chikuhi Line)

Festival Location
Yobuko Otsunahiki street
Yobuko, Yobuko-cho, Karatsu City
30 min by bus from Karatsu station 
nearest bus stop; Yobuko Hacchakujo
Showa bus line
5 min walk from the bus stop

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