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Noto Town, Ishikawa Pref.

Over 100 Years Caution ! Night See Hokuriku

About the festival

Abare Matsuri is a fierce festival registered as Ishikawa Prefecture's intangible folk cultural asset. The celebration signifies the arrival of summer for the entire Noto region. 40 kiriko (large lantern floats to illuminate the paths for the portable mikoshi shrine) and two mikoshi from each district join to parade through town for two days while the whole town goes ecstatic. 

It is said that the festival began approximately 350 years ago when the local people visited the Yasaka Shrine carrying kiriko to show gratitude for its deity that saved them during a time of plague. It is now held to pray for the peace and good health of the town. 
Highlights of the festival include the sight of 40 kiriko pouncing around a massive burning torch in front of the town hall on the first night, and the impressive sight on the second night of two mikoshi lead by kirikos, slammed onto the ground, thrown into the river and into the fire as people go wild. The reason for the festival being known as the wildest festival of the Noto region.

050 Reh Abare Matsuri

Things to do

1. An impressive sight of the Kiriko pouncing around a massive burning torch

050 Re1 1 Abare Matsuri

One by one, kirikos from each district gather around Hakusan Shrine from 2 pm to 6 pm on the first day of the festival. Approximately 40 kirikos come together in front of the town hall from 9 pm to midnight as they pounce around under the massive burning torch. You will surely find an unforgettable sight under a summer night sky, illuminated by the fire and kiriko, and the people's excitement. 

2. Frenzied people destroying the mikoshi is a must see!

050 Re2 1 Abare Matsuri
050 Re2 2 Abare Matsuri

The biggest highlight of the festival is during the second night of the festival. From 2 pm to 6 pm, kirikos and two mikoshi gather around Sakadaru Shrine. That night, from 9 pm till dawn, the two mikoshi are fiercely slammed onto the ground, thrown into the river and into the fire by frenzied people, until they are utterly destroyed. The vigorous sight is the biggest highlight of the Abare Matsuri, and we wish for you to experience this tradition and thrill continued for 350 years. 

Information (基本情報)

  • Festival Dates July 5th & 6th of 2019
    *Held annually on the first Friday and Saturday of July
  • Place Ushitsu district, Noto-cho Housu-gun, Ishikawa Pref.
  • General Participation You may freely observe
  • Wi-Fi Available at Noto tourism and exchange center "Concert Noto"
  • Restrooms Available at Noto Town Hall, Concert Noto, along with additional temporary lavatories
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  • Contact Noto Tourism Information Station Tabista

Rules & Manners(参加のルール&マナー)

The mikoshi can only be carried by those who are chosen. Both the Kiriko and Mikoshi move frantically therefore it is dangerous to watch them up close. Furthermore, be careful of the fire sparks which may fall on you depending on where you stand. Please observe without obstructing the paths of the Kiriko and Mikoshi.

Access Map (アクセスと地図)

Access to Noto-cho
[nearest station]
Anamizu Station, Noto Railway Nanao Line

You may rent a car from Anamizu Station, or catch the Hokuriku Okunoto Bus to ""Ushizu Station"" stop.

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