14 Apr
15 Apr

Sanno Matsuri

Takayama City, Gifu Pref.

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【UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage】Takayama City, residing in the Hida region in northern Gifu Prefecture, is often referred to as Hidatakayama. They say the name of the Takayama Matsuri, which is...

15 Mar

Honen Matsuri at Tagata Shrine

Komaki City, Aichi Pref.

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The main eye catcher of this festival—quite possibly one of the rarest festivals out there—is the wooden male phallus known as "O-owasegata" carved annually from white cedar. It is placed...

16 Mar
20 Mar

Dan-dan Long Hinamatsuri

Murayama City, Yamagata Pref.

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March 3rd is Hinamatsuri. One of the year's major holidays where people pray for the health and well-being of their daughters. In any given house hold, you can find people...

25 Mar

Natanegokutaisai (Kawachi no harugoto)

Fujiidera City, Osaka Pref.

Over 1000 Years Over 1000 Years Afternoon Afternoon See See Kansai Kansai

The "Natanegokutaisai" is a festival held on March 25th, when rape blossoms bloom in all its glory. "Natane" is rape seed—used for oil and other edible ingredients, yet in Japan...

27 Mar
28 Mar

Sentaikoujin Shunkitaisai

Shinagawa City, Tokyo Pref.

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Sentaikoujin, the deity enshrined in the Kaiun-ji Temple in Shinagawa, Tokyo, is known by locals as the god of the kitchen. Since long ago, it is believed that if you...